3D Systems' Precision Metals solutions deliver the highest quality 3D printed metal parts through integrated software and hardware that deliver the easiest, most streamlined workflow, most precise and detailed parts and low cost of operation.

3D Systems integrated solutions build from patented DMP metal additive printers, the extensively tested suite of LaserForm metal materials, 3DXpert software for design for additive manufacturing, and the expertise of our application engineers to realize time, cost and functionality benefits for customers.

3D printed metal lattice work delivers consolidated rocket parts

Benefits of 3D Systems Precision Metal Solutions

Metal additive manufacturing (DMP) platforms from 3D Systems delivers the flexibility and freedom to produce parts quickly, and without the restrictions of traditional manufacturing processes or waiting for expensive tooling.

Consolidated, lightweight parts that deliver:

  • Between 25-70% lighter metal parts which maintain structural integrity and tensile strength
  • Reduced assembly processes and QA checking
  • Finished parts produced tool-free and on-demand in hours or days
  • Significantly increased part performance through conformal cooling and fluid channels that are produced as an integral part to the design
  • Highly efficient material usage and minimal material waste
  • Significantly faster part preparation and processing times than the competition with 3DXpert software
  • Ability to rapidly create custom parts very quickly and at significantly reduced cost
  • Reduced Total Cost of Operation (TCO) versus other direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) platforms

3D Systems 3DXpert additive manufacturing software

3D printed custom titanium hip cup implant

3DXpert is a single, integrated solution that covers the entire metal additive manufacturing process. There is no longer a need for several different solutions to get the job done. 3DXpert offers everything you need – importing part data, optimizing the geometry and lattice creation, calculating the scan-path, arranging the build platform, sending it to the printer, and even machining of the final product when necessary – all in a single software solution.

Making design for metal additive manufacturing easy

3DXpert key features:

  • Import CAD, STL and other data into a CAD-based environment for greater accuracy and speed of design
  • Fast, precision lightweighting of your parts with nimble Micro Lattice tools and surfacing choices
  • Instant analysis of where support structures should be placed, combined with easy manual tools to define regions
  • Precision orientation of the part for minimal support structures
  • Optimization of printing strategies with zoning for high and lower printed surface quality to increase speed of production
  • Optimized slicing and hatching to ensure repeatability and quality
  • Apply smart machine programming tools within the system to remove supports, machine surfaces and drill, tap or trim holes

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