Wednesday , Jun 13 - Jun 14, 2018

Your Single CAD/CAM Solution Dedicated to Mold-making

Designed to meet the unique challenges faced by mold makers today, Cimatron offers you a single integrated solution, equipped with dedicated tool design features, a comprehensive electrode solution and one of the most advanced NC programming systems available. 

Participate in live demos and discussions in Booth #402 and learn about the benefits Cimatron provides. 

Deliver High Quality 

Dedicated to mold making, Cimatron provides dedicated analysis tools, powerful modelling and design capabilities.

Cut Production Time

Flexible Automation gives full control of every procedure while a wide range of applicative tools speed up the entire designing and manufacturing process.

Any Complexity or Size

Dedicated tool for designing injection gates faster. Conformal Cooling Design capabilities reduce injection cycle time, increase cooling efficiency and avoid warping problems.

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