3D Systems is at DMS Osaka

Experience the power of 3D Systems with Geomagic Design X, Geomagic Control X software solutions and metal and plastic 3D printers and printer software technologies.

Learn how customers in aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and durable goods industries are adopting 3D digitization technologies, enabling hybrid additive and subtractive processes and integrating digital inspection into existing manufacturing workflows.

Make sure you see what is on display in our booth and meet with one of our experts.

Experience Our End-to-end Manufacturing Solutions in Key Industries


Bring operating efficiencies up and costs down with consolidated assemblies and lighter weight parts made possible with additive manufacturing production workflows. From accelerated casting patterns to end use metal parts, 3D Systems’ aerospace solutions help better ideas take off. Learn more


Cross development and production finish lines faster with accurate reverse engineering workflows, rapid iteration of designs and end-use parts in a fraction of the time. 3D Systems’ automotive solutions rev up workflows to bring products to market in record speed. Learn more


3D Systems precision healthcare solutions answer unique challenges with unique solutions. From patient-specific models and guides, to surgical simulation, to medical device design and manufacturing, our experts are here to help. Learn more

Durable Goods

Whether you’re looking to accelerated design verification, optimize product functionality or advance your business with mass-custom manufacturing, 3D Systems’ end-to-end manufacturing solutions can help you bring more efficient, functional, custom products to market faster. Learn more

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