Tuesday , Jun 5 - Jun 7, 2018

We’ll showcase our latest innovations in additive manufacturing and workflow management:

  • We're introducing our latest innovations to support you in any step along the way from Prototyping to Production: FabPro 1000 our new industrial-grade entry-level printer for low-volume, small-part prototyping and direct 3D production. Watch the video.
  • Meet Figure 4, the industry’s first scalable, fully-integrated 3D printing platform. Productive and cost-effective digital molding solutions for any production environment. Learn more here and at the show.
  • Interested in scalable metal additive manufacturing for seamless large parts? Preview our DMP 8500 Factory Solution.
  • We'll showcase a range of high-precision, functional parts printed on the latest ProJet MJP 2500. Featuring an unrivaled blend of capabilities for the professional user, the ProJet MJP 2500 offers versatility, high print speed, an affordable price tag, compact footprint and hassle-free part processing - watch the video
  • All-in-one metal additive designs are easily accomplished with 3DXpert, watch a live demo at the show or preview it now.

Join us for an exciting presentation at the show:

Wednesday, 6th June 2018,  11.00 - 11.30 at CongressCenter, Ground Floor, Room: Carl Zeiss, right side

Patrick Dunne | 3D Systems - Vice President, Advanced Application Development

Patrick  Dunne

Figure 4 - Scalable high-speed solution for additive manufacturing in automated production environments

For 30 years, Stereolithography (SLA) has been the gold standard in rapid prototyping and has led the charge in revolutionizing the design-for-manufacturing paradigm. Now, with 3D Systems’ Figure 4 technology, SLA is set to pave the way for additive manufacturing in the automated manufacturing environment. Patrick Dunne will share how Figure 4 offers a step change in productivity by providing a system that is configurable with other automation tools in the factory setting.

Mr. Dunne will discuss the key features that distinguish Figure 4 and prime it to keep pace within automated manufacturing. These features include a short vat life, which frees the chemist to do a more reactive kind of chemistry. This results in 3D printed parts with the physical properties demanded by modern applications, including high temperature resistance, toughness, elastomeric qualities and bio-compatibility.

Attendees of this talk will gain understanding of the considerations required in bringing quality, high-speed, additive processes into conventional manufacturing settings. Mr. Dunne will demonstrate how Figure 4 anticipates and answers these needs while unlocking greater opportunities in part geometry and production speed.

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