Thursday , Jul 26 - Jul 28, 2018

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    2730 S.W. Moody Ave.
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    Portland, Oregon
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This year’s theme, Level Up: Invent Your Success, provides the framework for this year’s content.  We will provide novice and expert courses that will help inform our work in simulation operations, open the door to new technologies and enhance the professional development of the simulation operations specialist. Course content categories include:

  • Technical Operations include: scenario development and programming, equipment repair & maintenance, course set-up, AV/IT solutions, in-situ simulation, mobile operations, confederate/acting tips, medical terminology, vitals basics, simulation operations 101
  • Administrative Operations include: development of simulation staff roles, responsibilities and job descriptions, ROI, how to gain buy-in of your simulation center, data analytics, learner usage, manikin and equipment usage, inventory and equipment tracking, hiring, training and evaluation of sim center staff, facility maintenance
  • Professional Development include: simulation certifications and accreditation, simulation-based training and fellowships, career development, professional advancement, communication techniques and critical conversations, conflict resolution, interprofessional training, standardized training for simulation educators and facilitators, internal and external collaboration, community outreach
  • Educational Technologies include: novel moulage, improvisation techniques, DIY solutions, low cost solutions, simulation technologies including 3D and virtual reality, novel content delivery methods, online and distance learning, flipped classroom and other innovative delivery formats

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