Tuesday , Sep 26 - Sep 28, 2017

Get up close to the 3D manufacturing solutions experience in booth D16. Learn how industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare/dental and durable goods are adopting 3D scanning and additive manufacturing technologies as well as digital inspection methods from 3D Systems with profound effects on design, manufacturing, quality assurance and total cost of operations.

Witness disruptive new technologies with Figure4 and metal 3D printing that deliver real production solutions with a focus on productivity, durability and repeatability of production parts.

Meet our On Demand Manufacturing Service Team and discuss how we bring ideas to reality through 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and traditional CNC and injection molding manufacturing services in facilities around the world. We stand ahead of traditional 3D printing service bureaus by providing four key areas of manufacturing production: Quickparts rapid prototypes, advanced prototypes, low-volume quick-turn injection molds, and appearance models.

Experience how Renault Sport Formula One Team benefit from the broadest technology spectrum of 3D Systems additive manufacturing solutions, from prototyping to rapid tooling to production parts. Enjoy their show-car on display at our booth and the broad range of 3D printed parts that tell the story of how our technologies support their racing organisation from design to the finish line.

Attend our product presentation on the TCT product stage on the 26th of September – at 3.10 pm, presented by Patrick Dunne, VP Advanced Applications on “Figure 4 - Making 3D Production Real”.

Patrick Dunne

Tuesday Kickoff - Figure 4 - Making 3D Production Real
September, 26th at 3.10 pm on the TCT product stage

Delivering rapid, tool-free, continuous production of plastic parts, digital molding powered by 3D Systems’ Figure 4 technology offers a fast and economic alternative to conventional plastic part production. Patrick Dunne will present a real-world example that uncovers new and compelling data that shows why the shift to Digital Molding is upon us.

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