• The Best Supports Are No Supports

    Together with 3D Systems’ leading expertise and DMP machine platforms, our 3DXpert software package has advanced metal AM capabilities and we are offering you a limited time FREE trial license to try NoSupports™ for yourself!

    The NoSupports™ tool expands your design envelope, accelerates design cycles and unlocks new applications while reducing cost and post-processing time. With the free trial license, NoSupports™ is available within 3DXpert’s support manager and can drastically reduce the self-supporting angle while maintaining a high-quality surface finish. NoSupports™ uses novel scanning strategies allowing for better thermal control in low-angled down facing regions, thus minimizing, or eliminating the need for support structures.


    An optimized DMP build design with NoSupports strategies. The reductions achieved using NoSupports were 69% fewer supports, 14% shorter print time, 69% reduction in labor cost.
    Traditional Supports Structures

    DMP build design using traditional supports.



    Printers*: ProX 320, DMP Flex/Factory 350 (Dual), DMP Factory 500
    Material License: LaserForm Ni718, LaserForm Ti Gr23 
    3DXpert Version: 23.3 or higher



  • Limited Time: Get a FREE trial of NoSupports!

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