• Speed, Quality and Accuracy

    Figure 4® technology delivers parts with exceptional surface quality and performance, rivaling traditional mold manufacturing. This method provides ultra-fast print speeds enabling immediate part turnaround without the time and minimum order quantities (MOQ) of tooling.

  • Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10 Production

About this Process


Figure 4 is an ideal technology for fast product iteration, mass-customization, bridge manufacturing, and production.


  • Non-contact membrane Figure 4 technology for fast print speed and exceptional surface quality
  • Printable build volume (W x D x H): up to 124.8 x 70.2 x 346 mm (4.9 x 2.8 x 13.6 in)
  • Range of production-grade materials
  • Expert consultancy from design to production with our team of application engineers
  • Fast and easy engagement with 24/7 online ordering and production in as fast as one day
  • Unmatched production capacity for Figure 4 technology in our 65,000 sq. ft. facility in Lawrenceburg, TN with ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management

Choose from a range of production-grade Figure 4 materials:

  • Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10 is a game-changing additive material with thermoplastic-like mechanical properties that provides the quality and performance of injection-molded parts without the time or cost of tooling. Fast production is combined with smooth surface finish and exceptional sidewall quality. Let us help you get prototypes and production parts fast, with the design freedom of additive. Learn more

  • Figure 4 HI TEMP 300-AMB is a high-temperature resistant plastic for parts for testing and use in high heat environments. It can also be used for low-pressure molding/tooling and expanding foams and rubbers. Learn more

  • Figure 4 TOUGH-BLK 20 is a production-grade material with long term environmental stability that is perfect for functional prototypes and assemblies. Learn more

  • Figure 4 MED-AMB 10 is a rigid amber material for applications requiring biocompatible capability, translucency and/or thermal resistance. It provides parts with crisp details, that can be sterilized and tested at high temperature, over 100 °C.* Learn more

*Users should confirm fitness for use and biocompatibility for their applications.

Type of Finish Description
Natural Finish Remove supports, wash, and post-cure. (No sanding performed)
Standard Finish Remove supports, wash, post-cure, sand areas where supports were attached with 320 grit sandpaper, sandblast with 320 grit aluminum oxide sand
Note: ABS Black parts may receive an additional coating
Paint Ready Finish Standard Finish plus remove all build/layer lines on the visual (cosmetic) surfaces with 320 grit sandpaper, sandblast with 320 grit aluminum oxide sand, apply primer to all surfaces and sand with 600 grit sandpaper (build/layer lines will be visible on non-cosmetic surfaces
Painted Finish Paint ready finish with customer-specified paint color applied
  • Replacement of traditional molding and cast urethane processes
  • Rapid functional prototyping and fast concept models
  • End-use durable plastic parts
  • Low volume bridge manufacturing
  • Short-run production of plastic articles
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Rapid tooling -molds and master patterns
  • High-temperature applications with transparency

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