Rock Hill, South CarolinaJune 27, 2012 - 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD) announced today that several of its VisiJet® materials have met the rigorous requirements for USP Class VI certification, including biocompatibility for healthcare applications. Class VI plastics can be used to produce medical devices, surgical guides and other implements used in and around the human body. These VisiJet® materials are now approved for use in a broad set of applications that improve treatment outcomes and patience experience.  Through enhanced bio-mimicry, individualized fit and accelerated delivery, medical and dental treatment quality can be enhanced at higher provider productivity and lower costs.


The USP Class VI VisiJet® materials listed below are available for immediate delivery and are suitable for:

  • 3D printed dental and orthopedic surgical guides;
  • 3D printed one day custom crown preparation guides; and
  • 3D printed parts for use in other medical applications.

The following table lists the USP Class VI certified VisiJet® materials with their companion, integrated ProJet™ 3D Printers:



Compatible Systems

VisiJet® Crystal Plastic Material

ProJet™ SD 3500, HD 3500 & HD3500plus

VisiJet® Stoneplast Plastic Material

ProJet™ MP 3500

VisiJet® Clear Plastic Material

ProJet™ 6000/7000

VisiJet® EX200 Plastic Material

ProJet™ SD 3000, HD 3000 & HD3000plus

VisiJet® MP200 Plastic Material

ProJet™ MP 3000

Please visit for more information and to download a copy of the Class VI certification documentation for these materials.

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