ROCK HILL, South Carolina – January 7, 2010 - 3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: TDSC), a leading provider of 3-D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, announced today that American Precision Prototyping, LLC (“APP”) has joined its 3Dproparts™ network. APP, which is already an authorized 3D Systems Preferred Service Provider, operates multiple 3D Systems’ Stereolithography (SLA®) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) Systems. APP now becomes 3D Systems’ first, tier one Preferred Channel Partner for 3Dproparts™.

APP provides fast, high-quality rapid prototypes and end-use parts, instant online quotes and other innovative manufacturing solutions. Capitalizing on the growing demand for precision, high–performance, quality parts, this industry-leading service bureau teamed up with 3Dproparts™ to provide its customers with access to the latest materials and systems technology and the benefits of a vastly expanded range of plastic and metal parts.

3D Systems launched 3Dproparts™, the world’s largest Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing parts service, at the beginning of October. The company’s 3Dproparts™ service is continuing to expand by bringing together the widest range of production and additive grade materials and the latest additive and traditional manufacturing systems to offer its customers the broadest available complement of precision plastic and metal parts and finished assemblies.

“I am pleased to offer the full range of 3Dproparts™ to our APP customers,” said Jason Dickman, APP’s president. “3Dproparts™ service is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of virtually any application. I have been in the RP industry for many years and have witnessed first-hand the evolution of additive manufacturing from the early prototyping systems with limited material choices and poor physical properties to today’s manufacturing systems with a wide range of Accura® production-grade materials. I firmly believe that APP’s own in-house capabilities coupled with the expanded portfolio we now access through 3Dproparts™, shows our commitment to always provide the best solution for our customers’ prototypeto-production needs with a single call,” concluded Dickman.

“I am delighted that a leading service bureau of APP’s caliber has chosen to join our global 3Dproparts™ network as the first, tier one Preferred Channel Partner,” said Abe Reichental, 3D Systems’ president and chief executive officer. “We welcome APP to 3Dproparts™, which is fast becoming the industry-leading brand, delivering expertly engineered solutions that bring a whole new dimension to part design and fabrication: speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and superior quality.”

About 3D Systems Corporation

3D Systems is a leading provider of 3-D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing systems and parts solutions. Its expertly integrated solutions reduce the time and cost of designing products and facilitate direct and indirect

manufacturing by creating actual parts directly from digital input. These solutions are used for design communication and prototyping as well as for production of functional end-use parts: Our customers Create With Confidence.

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About American Precision Prototyping, LLC

American Precision Prototyping, LLC, (APP) is the premier rapid prototyping and manufacturing service company in North America. APP has changed the way companies quote and purchase rapid prototype and rapid manufactured parts. APP owns the equipment used to manufacture your parts and employs the staff that will work with you on your project from start to finish. Our Free Instant Online Quote System is a convenience tool that puts you in control of the quotation process. Our In-House manufacturing ensures the highest quality and our 100% quality guarantee makes any transaction with APP risk-free.

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