BURLINGTON, Mass., USA - A full-service product development firm has invested in Z Corporation's ZBuilderUltra rapid prototyping machine to save time and money in the design cycle, and deepen client satisfaction.

Black Design Associates, based in Los Angeles, USA, can now create its own ABS-quality plastic prototypes overnight rather than waiting a week or more for an outside service bureau to quote and deliver a part.

"In addition to getting prototypes faster, we're spending one-sixth the amount of money we used to on them, " said Simon Saito Nielsen, design engineer for Black Design. "The ZBuilder Ultra's plastic parts have all the accuracy, material properties, detail and surface finish of injection-molded parts, which covers most of our prototyping needs nicely. With just an hour of training, I was creating prototypes and showing them to clients, who have been delighted to see them so fast. Prototyping speed translates into time to market advantage."

The ZBuilder Ultra from Z Corporation is a rapid prototyping machine that builds high-end functional prototypes yet costs one-third of the price of a stereolithography (SLA) machine. Black Design uses the ZBuilder on a daily basis to create rapid prototypes for form, fit and function, eliminating costly problems when products are ready for manufacturing. The ZBuilder Ultra builds 3D parts additively using a high-resolution Digital Light Processor (DLP) projector to solidify a liquid photopolymer.

Black Design Associates, with clients such as Dial, Jakks Pacific, and InStyler, provides comprehensive product development strategy that encompasses innovation, industrial design, engineering, packaging, graphic design, identity and branding.

"We invested in the ZBuilder Ultra mainly because of the technology but also because of Z Corporation's knowledge, responsiveness and support," said Nielsen. "The machine has been busy since day one, and we expect that to continue."

About Z Corporation

Z Corporation 3D technologies help product designers, engineers and architects create the right designs the first time. Professionals use ZPrinter 3D printers, ZBuilder rapid prototyping machines and ZScanner® 3D laser scanners to compress the design cycle, generate new concepts, communicate clearly, foster collaboration, and reduce errors. These solutions span the entire 3D CAD/BIM design process from concept through design verification.

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