Integrates VoluMill for Faster Material Removal With Minimal Tool Wear

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM® software for maximizing programming efficiency of CNC machine tools and a Cimatron company, announced today that Celeritive Technologies' VoluMillTM software for high-speed rough machining is now available for GibbsCAM. VoluMill uses the Celeritive Ultra-High Performance Toolpath algorithm to generate toolpaths based upon desirable material removal rates. Unlike traditional roughing-toolpath generators, which create parallel offsets optimized through stops, starts and variable speeds to reduce tool wear and excessive tool loading during sharp corners and transitions, VoluMill develops toolpaths optimized for volumetric material removal by using continuous tangential motion, specialized contour ramping and adaptive feedrates to achieve the highest feeds and speeds possible. By leveling tool load, maintaining constant machine-tool motion, and using high speed repositioning, the software significantly reduces cycle times. VoluMill is available immediately for the latest version of GibbsCAM.

"We are committed to developing and adapting the best technologies for our customers, so they can achieve the efficiency that combined technology can provide," says Bill Gibbs, Gibbs and Associates company founder and president. "In continuation of this effort, we are very happy to have worked with Celeritive Technologies to integrate their software, and very pleased with the productivity our customers are gaining from the integration of VoluMill and GibbsCAM."

GibbsCAM Offers New High-speed Rough-milling Option

  • VoluMill works on all solid, surface, and wireframe models, and any combination of part and stock boundaries. It supports an unlimited number of islands, tapered walls, variable pocket depths, and variable island heights. Some of its important features are:
  • Programmed Rate of Material Removal to keep tool and work piece temperature consistent, and to dissipate heat with chips
  • Automatic Feedrate Adjustment and Automatic Depth of Cut to maintain programmed material removal rate; eliminate excessive material conditions; and minimize tool wear, heat build up and vibration
  • Smoothing Radius to maximize tool utilization, minimize cycle time and extend programming flexibility
  • Contour Ramping to maximize material removal in tight areas, with safe access, while minimizing cycle time
  • High Speed Repositioning to maximize machine utilization and minimize cycle time

For more information about GibbsCAM and VoluMill, or to locate your local GibbsCAM reseller, go to, call 1-800-654-9399, or email [email protected].