Collaboration with Mori Seiki optimizes GibbsCAM for new high-efficiency Mori Seiki NZ Series machines.

Gibbs and Associates, a Cimatron Limited company, developer of GibbsCAM® software for programming CNC machine tools, announced today the release of GibbsCAM post processors developed for Mori Seiki's NZ series of machine tools. GibbsCAM's posted output effectively supports the advanced capabilities of these multi-tasking machine tools, because of a collaborative effort with Mori Seiki. As competitive pressures grow, so does the market demand for high-efficiency mass production machine tools like the Mori Seiki NZ line which can dramatically reduce machining time.

"As the complexity of today's advanced machine tools increases, sophisticated post processors are required to program them effectively," explains Bill Gibbs, founder and CEO of Gibbs and Associates. "Working directly with Mori Seiki engineers, we were able to acquire the expertise needed to develop and validate these post processors for their NZ Series." The Mori Seiki NZ series of machine tools are ideally suited for mass-production machining. The NZ series machines can be configured with up to three turrets, all using Mori Seiki's BMT™ (Built-in Motor Turret) technology. By placing the motor inside the turret, heat generation and vibration are kept to a minimum and transmission efficiency is improved. Cutting performance, speed and precision are also significantly increased. The new NZ Series of multi-axes machines offers not only turning, but also excellent milling with the Y-axis. With the longest Y-axis stroke in its class, it achieves high-precision, high efficiency machining. In addition to developing post processors for the Mori Seiki NZ series line, GibbsCAM post processors are also available for Mori Seiki's NMV series of 5-Axis machine tools.

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