Collaboration between the two companies ensures that GibbsCAM supports 5–axis programming.

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM® software for programming CNC machine tools and a Cimatron Limited (NASDAQ:CIMT) company, announced today that the set of GibbsCAM® post processors that was developed for Mori Seiki's NMV line of machine tools has been validated by Mori Seiki. This collaborative effort between the two companies ensures that GibbsCAM's posted output supports the 5-axis simultaneous capabilities of these machine tools. As competitive pressures grow, the market demand for 5-axis simultaneous machine tools is also growing as they significantly reduce setups and improve overall part quality.

"Accurate post processors are still the Achilles tendon of today's advanced machine tools," explains Bill Gibbs, founder and CEO of Gibbs and Associates. "This is certainly the case when dealing with 5-axis machine tools. Working directly with Mori Seiki DTL, we were able to significantly reduce the time it took to develop the set of post processors for their NMV series."

The Mori Seiki NMV series of machine tools are high-precision, 5-axis control vertical machining centers. Using Mori Seiki's DCG® (Driven at the Center of Gravity) technology, vibration is controlled allowing for high precision at high speeds. DCG virtually eliminates vibration ensuring a high quality surface finish, outstanding acceleration performance and improved roundness. DCG along with Mori Seiki's DDM™ (Direct Drive Motor), Table-in-Table Construction and ORC™ (Octagonal Ram Construction) provide the NMV series with the power and stability required for today's demanding machining applications.

In addition to developing post processors for the Mori Seiki NMV line, Gibbs has also developed accurate machine models of the NMV8000 DCG and NMV5000 DCG for use with GibbsCAM's Machine Simulation capability. Machine Simulation allows program motions to be fully simulated to identify potential programming errors which would result in expensive machine tool crashes on the shop floor.

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