GibbsCAM will demonstrate the effectiveness of its advanced MTM (Multi-Task Machining) and 5-Axis capabilities on components of a medical implant

Cimatron Limited (Nasdaq: CIMT), a leading provider of integrated CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts, announced that it will partner with Machine Tool Vendor Willemin-Macodel to demonstrate 5-Axis and Multi-Task machining of sophisticated medical parts live at EMO, using its GibbsCAM product.

GibbsCAM will program two separate components of a part for the medical industry on a Willemin-Macodel MTM (Multi-Task-Machining) machine in the Willemin-Macodel booth (Hall 7, Booth G16/H13). Additionally, GibbsCAM 2009 will be displayed in Cimatron Group's booth (Hall 9, Booth (A10/A12) and in the booths of other machine tool vendors.

Willemin-Macodel will be using the 508MT 5-Axis MTM (Multi Task Machining) machine, with two spindles, to cut a cervical plate and bone screw together in the same production cycle. A cervical plate is a type of medical implant used to hold the vertebrae in alignment during the process of bone fusion.

The cuttings will demonstrate the high speed capabilities of this machine as well as the high accuracy that is required for complex medical parts.

GibbsCAM to Program Live Manufacture of Cervical Plate at EMO

GibbsCAM's advanced MTM (Multi Task Machining) capabilities will be used for milling and turning of one of the parts, thus taking advantage of the machine's most sophisticated capabilities. The machine will employ a bar feed mechanism and will automatically transfer the part from one station to the next.

GibbsCAM is one of the few solutions on the market with the advanced technology necessary to use MTM machines to their full capacity and offers one of the widest selections of post processors on the market for MTM machines.

While programming the cutting, GibbsCAM provides automatic recognition of holes (which decreases programming time), automatic stock recognition (which avoids unnecessary air cutting and increases tool life and machine life) and accurate machine simulation. Another key component is a unique post processor for the machine which fully utilizes the machine's capabilities.

"GibbsCAM's software, with it's ability to harness the full power of MTM machines, is strongly suited to manufacturing in the medical industry", said Robb Weinstein, Gibbs' Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Planning. "In the current financial climate, many manufacturers are widening their operations in order to cater to the medical industry, which has been less affected by the global downturn. We are pleased to show that GibbsCAM is equipped to provide impressive results in the medical industry, as it does in every other manufacturing industry."

GibbsCAM's collaboration with Machine Vendors has been facilitated by Italian Cimatron Group subsidiary Microsystem and Productec, GibbsCAM distributor for Switzerland and France. EMO will take place in Milan starting October 5th.