BURLINGTON, Mass., USA - The world's fastest 3D printing technology made an appearance in Buffalo, New York on a recent episode of ABC Television's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

In the most recent episode, which aired nationally on Sunday evening, January 24, and which can be viewed online here, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team travelled to upstate New York to help Delores Powell stave off crisis by transforming a house facing city-ordered demolition into a home fit for a growing family.

One of Delores' four children, 10-year old Anschel, dreams of being an architect, so the Extreme Home Maker team contacted the University of Buffalo School of Architecture, a Z Corporation customer, to see if they could build a physical 3D architecture model for his room. Z Corporation reseller Appropriate Technology (www.solidCAD1.com) pitched in, providing a selection of home design files that the University was able to 3D print with a Z Corporation ZPrinter for the show.

Doug McCallum, Faculty Support Digital Media Group in the School of Architecture at Buffalo University says the Extreme Makeover team was thrilled with the results. "The design team at Extreme Home makeover was extremely excited about the models," McCallum said, "especially since none of them had ever heard of such a thing."

With its best-in-class speed, ability to print in full color and economical, office friendly use of printing materials, Z Corporation's 3D printing technology is widely used by some of the world's most innovative companies to speed design development in industries ranging from aerospace to footwear. The technology is also seeing rapid adoption in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), where it's speed, flexibility and industry's lowest operating costs are transforming the process of iterating project designs.

About Z Corporation

Z Corporation makes products that enable users to capture, edit, and print 3D data with unprecedented speed, ease, versatility and affordability. These products include the world's fastest high-definition 3D printers — machines that produce physical 3D models from digital data in full color - and uniquely portable 3D scanners - handheld machines that digitize 3D surfaces in real time. Z Corporation technology is enabling a wide range of applications in manufacturing, architecture, civil engineering, reverse engineering, geographic information systems (GIS), medicine and entertainment.

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