Geomagic Design X Spotlight Webinars

  • Helix Sketch
    Boundary Fit
    Mesh Creation Types
    2D & 3D Mesh Sketching
  • Surface Trim Workflow
    Average Mesh
    Long Range Mesh Construction

Geomagic Control X Spotlight Webinars

  • Deviation Location
    Scan to Scan with Regions
    Automation Client / Server
    Constructions for Dimensioning
  • Airfoil Analysis
    Multi-Result Inspections
    Importing Hard Probe ASCII Geometry

Geomagic Freeform Spotlight Webinars

  • Organic Design
    Packaging Workflow
    Bend & Twist and Lattice Deform
    Shell Cut & 2D Slicer
  • Parting Line / Draft Analysis
    Lattice Structure
    Dynabot Automation

D2P Spotlight Webinars

  • D2P Overview
  • D2P Virtual Reality

Geomagic Wrap Spotlight Webinars

  • Macros and Scripting
  • Basic Polygon Editing

Geomagic for Solidworks Spotlight Webinars

  • Orient Mesh
  • Cross section