Tiny channels in a metal 3d printed heat exchanger deliver improved part performance

Get your next aerospace project off the ground with light-weight and more robust 3D metal parts.

Whether it’s built for satellites or the next evolution in space travel, our Precision Metal Printer Solution helps aerospace agencies create the parts they need to explore new frontiers. Our Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology, software and materials are essential tools in the CAD to print production process and assembly of flight-ready parts.



  • simplify the assembly process in metal additive manufacturing



    Design and print 3D metal implants using advanced titanium materials for porous structure along with rough surfaces to allow for bone integration throughout the implant.


  • create 3d metal printed parts with a volumetric density low as 12%



    Create parts with a volumetric density as low as 12% and a relative density of up to 99.98% using a large variety of metal and alloy materials, including titanium.


  • maintain and improve 3d printed metal parts strength



    Manufacturers can reduce weight, consolidate parts, improve functionality, cut production time and lower costs—all while maintaining or improving material strength.


Our precision metal printing solution was designed for you.

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