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Cube cartridges are the most advanced PJP cartridges on the market.

Read below to learn why.

Built-in print nozzle

Plug-and-play precision

Each Cube cartridge comes with a built in print nozzle making instillation quick and easy. Previously detrimental clogs and jams have been eliminated since every cartridge has a brand new extruder that ensures accuracy and quality.

As low as


micron resolution

Each layer is about the thickness of a piece of printer paper for smoother prints.

Cube 3 cartridges

Fully enclosed cartridges

Our protected filament lasts longer

The Cube cartridge comes with a moisture lock seal that significantly prolongs the shelf life of each cartridge by 6-8 months, ensuring quality with every print.

Print-tested colors

Each hue temperature-tested

There are over 20 print-tested colors available in both ABS and PLA for the Cube, making every print one of your prints rich stunning and vibrant color.

Cube 3 print-tested


Standard plastics

The standard materials of 3D printing. Available in an array of over 20 stunning colors ranging from gold to glow in the dark. PLA has excellent dimensional stability properties and ABS is a durable, high impact material

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PLA/ABS print samples

Infinity Rinse-Away support material

Unlimited complexity

Break beyond the boundaries set by unachievable overhangs and the laws of gravity, and enter the possibilities of intricate patterns, degrees of freedom and suspension in space. Learn more

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INF print samples