Support: 3D printers


In the event of a problem with your print, you may need to carry out a specific maintenance procedure. Only commit to these procedures on recommendation from the FAQ or your distributer. Failure to do so may void your warranty.

Maintenance procedures may require tools outside the range supplied with the machine. Procedures may require specific skills (e.g. soldering). For soldering operations, observe all appropriate health and safety precautions. Please read the procedure fully and assess whether it is possible to fully execute the procedure before starting.

3D Touch

Download manual

To complete the exercises in this manual the user will need:

  • All the items included in the 3D Touch box. Items should be unpacked.
    Unpacking instructions (which should be included in the top of the box).
  • Print files included on your USB stick.
    Note: The printer can only see uncompressed files at the root of the USB stick, i.e. do not put them inside a folder.

Maintenance operations:


Download manual

The BFB-3000 either comes with a transparent acrylic print bed or a black composite print bed. Download the manual according to the type of print bed that comes with your machine. These will guide you through the necessary setup and installation procedures.

Maintenance operations: