Which 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is Right for You?

To make sure you get the most out of 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS, different software editions are available to choose from:


Standard Edition

Pro Edition

Import native SOLIDWORKS and many other standard data formats yes yes
Best-fit print orientation and analysis yes yes
Mend and prepare using direct modeling tools yes yes
Standard volume & surface lattice design suite* yes yes
Automated templates-based supports design yes yes
Printability checks yes yes
Export to 3D PDF reports yes yes
Print time and material usage estimation yes yes
Build platform (tray) arrangements yes yes
Send to printer as native CAD format (STEP, Parasolid, etc.), STL, 3MF or CLI slicing data yes yes
Advanced volume lattice design suite for light weighting Add-on 1: Advanced Lattice Design yes
Conformal volume infills yes
Advanced surface based lattice (texture) yes
FEA-based lattice analysis Add-on 2: Advanced Lattice Optimization yes
Optimize the design - iterative lattice optimization based on FEA yes
Extensive mesh (STL) tool-set Add-on 3: Advanced Part Preparation yes
Basic manual creation of support areas yes
Complete CAD toolset - yes
Analyze and edit supports areas - yes
Complete design, control and management of supports - yes
Geometrical-based residual stress analysis - yes
Assign multiple printing technologies (based on 3D Zoning) - yes
Slice for multiple layer thicknesses - yes
Standalone licensing** - yes

* Fully functional standard lattice design suite. The advanced lattice design suite is also available for evaluation purposes but the advanced design options cannot be exported & sliced.

** Does not require SOLIDWORKS to be installed on the same machine.

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