3DXpert 15 Technical Resources

This page includes downloadable materials for 3DXpert

3DXpert 15 Installation Sets & Utilities

Installation Sets

3DXpert 15SP3P2 Installation

3DXpert 15SP3P1 Installation

3DXpert 15SP3 Installation

3DXpert 15SP2P5 Installation

3DXpert 15SP2P4 Installation

3DXpert 15SP2P3 Installation

3DXpert 15SP2P2 Full Installation Kit

3DXpert 15SP2 Full Installation Kit

3DXpert 15 Full Installation Kit

3DXpert 15 MH Version for DMP 500 Series

The Offload Calculation Seat (also known as SuperBox software) is required for the Build Simulation Server (including slicing calculation).

It can also be used only as a slicing calculation server.

It should be installed on a PC where 3DXpert is not already installed.

Download the Site Manager

Download the License Server

Required to set up a floating license. Can be installed also on a 3DXpert seat.


3DXpert Guides & Technical Documents

Installation Guides

Additional Guides

3DXpert 15 Tutorials

NOTE: New documents or exercises, or those that have been updated to version 15 are marked by the 'V15' suffix.

Any 3D Printing projects require a definition of a printer & material.

For the training materials, download this printer & material database.

NOTE: After the download, extract the printer & material database into your 3DXpert's Technology Folder (make sure to keep the folder structure).

The 3DXpert Quick Guide

Prepare for Print

Support Automation

Insert Design

Build Platform

      Note: This guide refers to the DMP 500 Series only and is based on the dedicated version for this printer, 3DXpert 15 MH

Lattice Design

Advanced Lattice Design

Build Simulation

Slicing Parameters

Dedicated Applications

CAD Exercises - Basic

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