Your Fastest Path from Scan to CAD

Reverse engineer physical parts into digital parametric CAD models with the most comprehensive reverse engineering software, combining history-based CAD with 3D scan data processing.

faster time to CAD
reduced finishing costs
increased total end-part accuracy
  • Why Geomagic Design X?

    • Fast and accurate. Unlock new ways to accelerate product development for faster time to market, better fit, and longer product life cycles.
    • Powerful and flexible. Work seamlessly with any CAD software and create the right model for every project with complete toolsets for solids, surfaces, and meshes.
    • Proven and reliable. Don’t leave critical design work to chance with the only software that combines scan processing and CAD plus real-time feedback.
    • Easy to learn and use. Start using it right away—works like your CAD software.
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  • Geomagic Design X overview video

  • What is Geomagic Design X?

    Geomagic® Design X™ makes it easy to extract new value from existing products by creating CAD models from 3D scans faster, more accurately, and more reliably than any other reverse engineering method. It connects directly to your existing CAD environment and creates native files that accurately represent a scanned object.

    • Broadens your design capabilities.
    • Enhances your CAD environment.
    • Accelerates time to market.
    • Leverages existing assets.
    • Reduces costs.
    • Helps you do the impossible.
  • What Can You Do with Geomagic Design X?

    Geomagic Design X includes features that are purpose-built for converting 3D scan data into high-quality, feature-based CAD models. It does what no other software can with its combination of automatic, guided solid model extraction; incredibly accurate, exact surface fitting to organic 3D scans; mesh editing; and point-cloud processing. Scan virtually anything and create manufacturing-ready designs.

    • Rebuild CAD data for broken tools and molds.
    • Recreate non-existent or lost CAD data for parts and molds.
    • Design custom products.
    • Convert physical parts into CAD for new product designs.
    • Make existing parts fit with new parts.

    Geomagic Design X supports all major scanners and portable CRMs seamlessly. Read our 3D scanning guide to find out what types of scanners can work for your needs.

    Use Geomagic Design X with Geomagic Control X™ 3D inspection and metrology software and Geomagic Wrap® 3D scanning software for a complete, scan-based design and inspection package.

  • What’s new in Geomagic Design X 2019 video

  • What’s New in Geomagic Design X?

    Geomagic Design X 2019 adds speed, quality, and an enhanced user experience, providing you with better-quality CAD models and the fastest turnaround time in the market.

    • Faster processing speeds
    • Smarter scan processing
    • Surface quality analysis
    • Enhanced UI/UX
    • Advanced design tools
    • Updated file I/O
  • How Can You Buy Geomagic Design X?

    Geomagic Design X is available as a standalone software license or bundled software license package:

    • Geomagic Design X standalone license: Geomagic Design X with first-year software maintenance (commercial only)
    • Geomagic Design Inspection Suite: Geomagic Control X and Geomagic Design X with first-year software maintenance (commercial and education)
    • Geomagic Classroom Elite Suite: Geomagic Control X and Geomagic Design X with three-year software maintenance (education only)
    • Geomagic Enterprise Suite: Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Design X, and Geomagic Wrap with first-year software maintenance (commercial and education)
“We've always built cool stuff. But now, with the added technology, we're building even cooler stuff—in a lot less time.”
Dave Kindig, Owner, Kindig-It Design, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Customer Stories
CHALLENGE Delivering even cooler cars as fast as possible and getting them right the first time without going over time or budget Creating more interesting and intricate parts that are hard to mock up, need to fit existing body panels, or are impossible to do by hand Reducing time spent doing trial and error (building it, fixing it, tweaking it) SOLUTION Geomagic® Design X™ scan-to-CAD software by 3D Systems Geomagic® Control X™ inspection software by 3D Systems FARO® Design ScanArm RESUL… Read more >
CHALLENGE Multi-stage manufacturing can introduce uncertainty and process deviation, which accumulate into end part results that are not accurate. Corrective investigations are challenging to perform without a systematic approach and the proper tools. SOLUTION Artec 3D Space Spider scanner Geomagic® Control X™ metrology and quality management software by 3D Systems Geomagic® Design X™ reverse engineering software by 3D Systems 3D Sprint® build client software by 3D Systems ProJet® MJP 25… Read more >
CHALLENGE Establish facilities that enable hands-on experience in preparing and optimizing for AM using professional yet easy-to-use tools. SOLUTION 3DXpert® all-in-one, integrated AM software Geomagic® Control X™ metrology software Geomagic® Design X™ reverse engineering software ProX® DMP 320 metal 3D printer RESULTS Support for the entire AM workflow—from scan-to-CAD, to design, to build preparation, to 3D printing, to inspection, to post-processing Maintaining design integrity by us… Read more >


  • Geomagic Design X Product Spotlight: LiveTransfer Tips

    Watch a demonstration by a 3D Systems application engineer of LiveTransfer tips and tricks in Geomagic Design X.

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