CAD Partners: SpaceClaim Corporation

Setting up a fixture for a work cell in SpaceClaim

SpaceClaim provides direct modeling software for engineering and manufacturing.  SpaceClaim’s acclaimed software is intuitive and completely CAD-neutral. It enables engineers and other manufacturing professionals to rapidly create new designs or manipulate existing 2D and 3D geometry, without the complexity of traditional CAD.

Machine shops continually need to work with CAD files because designers rarely model for manufacturing. As a result, machinists often need to modify CAD files and create their own fixtures. SpaceClaim software allows machinists to quickly and easily edit 3D models in nearly any CAD format without becoming experts in CAD.

Traditional history-based CAD systems are designed for full-time CAD users, and are difficult for non-experts to use. With SpaceClaim Engineer, machinists can edit geometry, optimize designs for manufacturing, and clean up corrupt CAD data themselves, moving on to CAM three to seven times faster than CAD-dependent pre-processing.


  • Open and edit parts from any CAD system
  • Create and print a hole table from an imported part in ten clicks
  • Use SpaceClaim's unique and powerful de-featuring tools to create in-process models for different machining operations
  • Design jigs and fixtures off of in-process models
  • Make edits quickly and easily, without having to use a complicated CAD system
  • Adjust geometry correctly to account for the manufacturing process


  • Focus on tools that get the job done
  • More cost-effective than traditional CAD
  • Eliminate waste from your CAD process
  • Never worry about rebuild errors slowing you down