Investment in technical education is extremely important to us, because the future of manufacturing depends on it. Due to the shortage of manufacturing professionals, we are dedicated to supporting educational institutions, including trade schools, colleges and universities, with NC programming solutions that make teaching and learning CNC programming easy, interesting and economical.

We offer two editions of GibbsCAM, specialized for education. The Classroom Edition is operationally identical to the popular industrial version, ensuring that GibbsCAM-trained students are ready for industry. GibbsCAM’s ease of learning, ease of use and high reliability greatly reduce training time and effort. As a result, instructors spend much less time resolving problems, and have more time to teach, while students gain extra time for hands-on experience. An extremely economical, personal Student Edition complements the Education Edition, making student work portable from class to home, and vice versa, further encouraging and accelerating the learning process. Both editions include PDF documentation with examples.

  • GibbsCAM makes CAM technology easier and more enjoyable to teach, more fun to learn, and more productive for educators and students. Once you have experienced GibbsCAM’s natural and intuitive graphical interface, you will understand why hundreds of other educational institutions and thousands of students find the software exciting. You will also understand why GibbsCAM students usually win when they participate in design-through-machining competitions. It is time to integrate this prize-winning software in your curriculum and become a leader in producing students ready for production manufacturing.