Industry Solutions

Every day, across the planet, in some of the largest multi-national corporations and the smallest one-man shops, thousands of engineers, machinists and NC programmers rely on GibbsCAM to manufacture parts for nearly every industry. With an easy-to-use interface available in many languages, and with local support, GibbsCAM accommodates every CNC machining requirement. From the most complex multi-axis machine with multiple turrets and spindles to the simplest 2-axis lathe, the software provides the flexibility for generating, verifying, simulating and post processing NC programs to machine parts the way users want to machine them. With GibbsCAM, they ensure continuous improvement to their efficiency, productivity and profit. Despite GibbsCAM’s implementation across multiple industries, we highlight only a few which face the greatest challenges or growing demands – aerospace, automotive, defense, energy and medical. These manufacturers must adhere to the most demanding process oversight, documentation requirements and traceability standards while making the most complex of parts. We hope that the parts and stories that our users from these industries have shared will demonstrate how GibbsCAM can help you overcome similar challenges.



Aerospace manufacturers and suppliers face many broad and varied machining challenges, from making aluminum parts from solid plate or billet, and working with steel, titanium or exotic alloys, to trimming CFRP shrouds and panels. For all your machining, the CAM system you choose can greatly increase your profits or drastically reduce profitability with hidden costs. Learn More



With automotive parts production being as competitive as motorsports, we know that seconds per part can win or lose customers. Serving volume production facilities as well as specialty racing and off-road-competition suppliers, GibbsCAM has the breadth of functionality to machine automotive components of all types and sizes. Learn More



As one of the broadest industries, defense is often the most demanding, requiring more than typical manufacturing standards. From machining the largest armor castings and vehicle or aircraft components, making missile or gun system components, to milling electronics frames for guidance and communications systems, and turning ammunition casings, the process and parts must meet military specifications. Learn More



The range of manufactured parts for the energy industry is so broad that, for competitive reasons, sector specialization is common. Large-part machining serves hydroelectric with turbine components, wind energy with cast gear housings and gears, as well as coal mining and tar sands excavation with gears and structural and mechanical castings. Oil and gas drilling require multiple machined castings, from large to small valve bodies and well-servicing equipment, to machined drills, drill bits and components. Regardless of the machining required, GibbsCAM provides the CNC programming tools, easily handling the 5-axis motion to machine turbines and impellers, the 4- and 5-axis positioning to machine flats and drill and tap holes in valve fittings and bodies, and the multi-axis turning and MTM required to machine helical gears. Learn More



Machining complex or small parts as one-off or small-lot prototypes is only the beginning for medical parts suppliers. Variation in design from one lot to the next, as devices are perfected; making implantable, non-reactive titanium devices; machining and deburring medically pure plastics, under clean-room conditions without the aid of fluids; making long and narrow stainless steel instrument components; and delivering large and small lots of orthopedic screws, all present additional hurdles. Recognizing these many variations, we developed GibbsCAM to cover the gamut of requirements in programming CNCs for the medical manufacturer. Learn More