Industry Solution: Aerospace

Aerospace manufacturers and suppliers face many broad and varied machining challenges, from making aluminum parts from solid plate or billet, and working with steel, titanium or exotic alloys, to trimming CFRP shrouds and panels. For all your machining, the CAM system you choose can greatly increase your profits or drastically reduce profitability with hidden costs. While excessive programming time and imprecise postprocessors increase the cost of every job, inefficient NC programs will add cost to every part.

GibbsCAM has a short learning curve and an intuitive graphic interface to minimize programming time, all the easy-to-use functions to generate efficient NC programs quickly, and post processors that produce edit-free programs, so you can machine more parts in less time and maximize your profits. For large airframe components, honeycomb parts, or thin-walled structural components, GibbsCAM provides the maximum material removal and high-speed machining required. For landing gear castings, worm and helical gears, valve bodies or hydraulic components, it provides easily accessible functions to drive complex, multi-axis machine tool motion. For parts with dozens or hundreds of holes, it simplifies programming multiple cycles. From driving the most complex motion on 5-axis machines and Swiss-style MTMs, to the simplest 3-axis operations, GibbsCAM offers a productive, integrated solution.