Industry Solution: Automotive

With automotive parts production being as competitive as motorsports, we know that seconds per part can win or lose customers. We also know that the CAM system you choose can greatly increase your profits or drastically reduce profitability with hidden costs. While excessive programming time and imprecise post processors increase the cost of every job, inefficient NC programs add cost to every part. GibbsCAM has a short learning curve and an intuitive graphic interface to minimize programming time, all the easy-to-use functions to generate efficient NC programs quickly, and post processors that produce edit-free programs, so you can machine more parts in less time and maximize your profits.

For volume production and short-run work for specialty racing and off-road-competition, GibbsCAM has the breadth of functionality to machine automotive components of all types and sizes; from tiny impellers to huge castings and weldments for earth-moving equipment; from parts turned in high volume, to housings with milling, drilling and tapping at complex angles; from porting cylinder heads to machining custom drive train components; even machining titanium racing clutch components and replacement one-off parts for the enthusiast and collector markets. With easy-to-use menus and flexibility to accommodate any shop’s processes and available CNCs, GibbsCAM provides efficiency for production, with the flexibility and meticulous tool control required by specialty products, regardless of machine configuration.