Industry Solution: Defense

As one of the broadest industries, defense is often the most demanding, requiring more than typical manufacturing standards. From machining the largest armor castings and vehicle or aircraft components, making missile or gun system components, to milling electronics frames for guidance and communications systems, and turning ammunition casings, the process and parts must meet military specifications. With traceability and accountability, and penalties for late deliveries, no effort toward higher efficiency can compromise quality. That includes your choice of CAM system, because the system you choose can greatly increase your profits or drastically reduce profitability with hidden costs. While excessive programming time and imprecise post processors increase the cost of every job, inefficient NC programs add cost to every part.

GibbsCAM has a short learning curve and an intuitive graphic interface to minimize programming time, all the easy-to-use functions to generate efficient NC programs quickly, and post processors that produce edit-free programs, so you can machine more parts in less time and maximize your profits. Across the GibbsCAM suite of solutions, whether for simple turning operations or complex 5-axis machining, there is flexibility in programming to accommodate your facility’s mandated processes, available CNC equipment, and required tolerances. Combined with the ease of using its interface, GibbsCAM helps deliver parts on time, to mil spec.