Industry Solution: Energy

The range of manufactured parts for the energy industry is so broad that, for competitive reasons, sector specialization is common. Large-part machining serves hydroelectric with turbine components, wind energy with cast gear housings and gears, as well as coal mining and tar sands excavation with gears and structural and mechanical castings. Oil and gas drilling require multiple machined castings, from large to small valve bodies and well-servicing equipment, to machined drills, drill bits and components. Although turbomachinery parts are used across industries, part size typically separates the machining services.

For all your machining, the CAM system you choose can greatly increase your profits or drastically reduce profitability with hidden costs. While excessive programming time and imprecise post processors increase the cost of every job, inefficient NC programs add cost to every part. GibbsCAM has a short learning curve and an intuitive graphic interface to minimize programming time, all the easy-to-use functions to generate efficient NC programs quickly, and postprocessors that produce edit-free programs, so you can machine more parts in less time and maximize your profits. Regardless of the machining required, GibbsCAM provides the CNC programming tools, easily handling the 5-axis motion to machine turbines and impellers, the 4- and 5-axis positioning to machine flats and drill and tap holes in valve fittings and bodies, and the multi-axis turning and MTM required to machine helical gears.