Industry Solution: Medical

Machining complex or small parts as one-off or small-lot prototypes is only the beginning for medical parts suppliers. Variation in design from one lot to the next, as devices are perfected; making implantable, non-reactive titanium devices; machining and deburring medically pure plastics, under clean-room conditions without the aid of fluids; making long and narrow stainless steel instrument components; and delivering large and small lots of orthopedic screws, all present additional hurdles. Whatever your application, the CAM system you choose can greatly increase your profits or drastically reduce profitability with hidden costs. While excessive programming time and imprecise post processors increase the cost of every job, inefficient NC programs add cost to every part.

GibbsCAM has a short learning curve and an intuitive graphic interface to minimize programming time, all the easy-to-use functions to generate efficient NC programs quickly, and postprocessors that produce edit-free programs, so you can machine more parts in less time and maximize your profits. Recognizing the variety of medical machining requirements, we developed GibbsCAM to cover the gamut of requirements in programming CNCs for the medical manufacturer, beginning with the ease of use that eliminates a programming bottleneck, to its geometric associativity that minimizes reprogramming for design changes. In addition, GibbsCAM provides all the functionality required to simplify programming 3-axis, 5-axis (and its frequent 3+2 variation), MTM and Swiss-style machining to meet tight delivery schedules.