• Specifically designed to address the CNC programming requirements of complex, multi-task machining (MTM) tools, GibbsCAM MTM gives you powerful programming tools that are easy to learn and use with the ultimate in flexibility.

  • Considering buying a multi-task machine or wondering if you are making the most of the one you already own? Download the What You Need to Know About Programming MTM Machines white paper to get answers.

Machine-Specific Setup

Multi-task machine tools represent some of the most diverse machine tool configurations available today. With GibbsCAM MTM, your machine tool’s specific configuration is captured by factory-supplied settings so that you are programming all its capabilities accurately. This way you can ensure that you are taking full advantage of your machine tool for maximum productivity.

Multiple Turrets/Spindles

Today’s multi-task machine tools incorporate a wide variety of spindle and turret combinations with no end in sight. A two-spindle, two-turret configuration is fairly common for machines, with more than two spindles or turrets becoming more and more common. GibbsCAM MTM supports an unlimited number of turrets and spindles so you can keep pace with advances in multi-task machines.

Live Tooling Support

Previously, multi-task machine tools were mainly high-end turning centers with two spindles and tool holders that sometimes included a light-use live tooling capability. Though these are still common, multi-task machine tools now incorporate more substantial live-tooling support so that you can perform more extensive milling operations. You can combine GibbsCAM MTM with any of the GibbsCAM milling options to support your multi-task machine tool’s complete range of milling operations.

Swiss-Style Machine Tools

Swiss-style machine tools are becoming extremely popular, especially for ultra-high-precision parts. Like other types of multi-task tools, Swiss-style machine tools have evolved radically and represent some of the most complex MTM configurations available. GibbsCAM MTM supports Swiss-style multi-task machine tools and provides an easy-to-use tool for programming these complex devices. With GibbsCAM MTM, supporting your Swiss-style machine tools is straight forward.

  • MTM overview
  • Utility Ops Support

    Bar feeders, parts catchers, and sub spindles are just a few of the ancillary devices on a multi-task machine tool that require non-cutting utility operations to control. GibbsCAM MTM supports the entire range of utility operations used by your machine tool so that you have full control all the way to posted output.

Sync Manager

Unlike single cutting tool machine tools, multi-task machine tools apply multiple tools across one or more spindles at the same time, often in a synchronized fashion. Manually coordinating multiple process flows requires understanding many details and interdependencies. The GibbsCAM MTM Sync Manager provides an easy-to-understand, intuitive graphical interface that allows you to focus on optimizing your process. The Sync Manager handles all the underlying complexities for you. Programming multiple processes has never been easier or more efficient.

Integrated Cut Part Rendering

With the complexity of multi-flow, multi-task processes, it is extremely important to verify programs before they become expensive mistakes on your machine tools. The GibbsCAM MTM integrated Cut Part Rendering allows you to verify your programs visually, fully simulating multiple tools cutting at the same time. You can detect gouges and observe your program efficiency so that you can make adjustments to further optimize your program. See it before you machine it.

Factory Supplied Posts

With all the configurability and complexity of multi-task machine tools, creating a correct and complete post processor can be quite a challenge. The GibbsCAM MTM factory-supplied posts ensure you get posted output specifically formatted for your machine tool that fully supports its capabilities. With factory-supplied posts, you do not spend your time figuring out how to post output for your machine tool. Get what-you-see-is-what-you-machine output with GibbsCAM MTM posts.