VSP® Orthopaedics enables surgeons to devise a precise plan for tumor resection that preserves the native joint function. The virtual surgical planning of the patient’s 3D anatomy, allows the surgeon to essentially perform the surgery digitally before entering the operating room. Following the online planning session between 3D Systems’ biomedical engineers and the surgeon, patient-specific models, surgical guides, and instruments are designed and 3D printed for use within the sterile field. In clinical applications where VSP is used today, the solutions have been shown to improve surgical accuracy and outcomes -- saving time in the operating room which benefits both the surgeon and the patient.

The 510(k) clearance for 3D Systems’ VSP Orthopaedics is intended to be used for pre-surgical planning and patient-specific models, tools, and templates for orthopaedic procedures in the pelvis and lower limb anatomies -- enabling the transfer of the virtual surgical plan to the operating room.



Case Examples

  • 3d-systems-healthcare-vsp-orthopaedics-distal-femur-pre-op

    Pre-op planning image

  • 3d-systems-healthcare-vsp-orthopaedics-distal-femur-resection-instrument

    Resection instrument

  • Resection

  • Web-Thumbnail-vsp-orthopaedics-pelvic-case-pre-op

    Pre-op planning image

  • Web-Thumbnail-vsp-orthopaedics-pelvic-case-resection-instrument

    Resection instrument

  • Web-Thumbnail-vsp-orthopaedics-pelvic-case-resection