Video - Advanced VisiJet Materials for MultiJet Printing (1-min)

Advanced VisiJet Materials for MultiJet Printing

On-Demand Webinar:  MultiJet 3D Printing - Strength, Speed, Quality & New Engineering Grade Plastics

Learn about high fidelity, functional plastic or elastomeric prototypes with up to 3x higher 3D printing speeds and finished part delivery up to 4x faster.

High quality, speed and ease of use made accessible for MultiJet 3D printing. Introducing new rigid and engineering-grade materials for the MultiJet Printing (MJP) platform that are more durable and produce lower cost functional prototypes than competing systems. Register today to learn from our engineering and materials experts. Experience application and customer use cases to expand your knowledge and improve your prototype and end-use part production.

New MJP Material Parts Photos


  • Living hinges with multiple full actuations and exceptional clarityJeff Blank
  • Flexible elastomeric parts with high elongation and tear strength
  • Ready to paint highly detailed parts immediately after post processing
  • Sturdy, lightweight structures lower costs by up to 30% and weight by 70%

Expert Speaker: Jeff Blank - 3D Systems, SVP, Global Engineering

Jeff leads R&D and Product Development at 3D Systems for Multi-Jet and Color Jet portfolios, and all centralized Embedded Firmware and Engineering Services.

Prior to 3D Systems, Jeff spent 23 years developing printing systems at Tektronix and Xerox Corporation, with roles in mechanical systems development, printhead integration, systems reliability engineering, and business leadership. As a Chief Engineer, he delivered dozens of complex and highly reliable products and materials to market in the 2D and 3D industries. Previously, Jeff worked at Sandia National Laboratories as the lead mechanical engineer on several nuclear weapon system design teams.

Jeff earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University, a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and MBA from the University of Portland.

Watch the webinar today.

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