At 3D Systems, we’re fearless; we can handle anything. And to prove our mettle, we welcomed 35 elementary school children from the Champion Learning Academy to our Morrisville, N.C., office last week.

All kidding aside, we were thrilled to have such a curious and courteous group of kids in to absorb all things 3D during an hour-long office tour. Students crowded around to touch 3D printed objects, like animal skulls, robots, game pieces and the 3D printed players on our foosball table.

In addition, they saw our wide array of production 3D printers and Cubes, and they got to sculpt virtual clay in Geomagic Freeform with the Geomagic Touch X haptic device—always a big hit. We even had music, as the kids enjoyed the smooth stylings of QA software engineer Brian Vieira on our 3D printed guitar.

All in all, it was a great visit, and we look forward to more opportunities to show students across the country how they can realize their imaginations through 3D.


A major Chinese TV news station featured 3D printing and how 3D printing is causing a global manufacturing revolution. 3D Systems’ very own Michele Marchesan, VP at 3D Systems, the biggest 3D Printing OEM in world, was invited to share his views and vision for the future of the industry.

Michele also played a 3D printed guitar, which, as a fully-working custom product, shows how 3D printing technology more real than everyone thought! 3D scanning can also be used to capture a 3D ‘picture’ of someone’s face and print it out as a 3D object.

If you had a 3D printer at your home, with very easy-to-learn tools to design content, what items would you want to print?
To see the interview from this Chinese TV station, please click here.

3D Systems attended Comic Con in San Diego for the first time this year. Not only did we have a booth, but also had a presence at the Wired Lounge, Fox Predator Movie booth, and the Enders Game Movie tent right outside the convention center. Many attendees opted to get their faces scanned at the booths so that they could get their 3D printed figurine customized with their face printed on them!
At the Predator booth people had the option to get a figurine with the Predator holding up their 3D printed head; while at other locations, attendees had the option get their faces 3D printed on a Star Trek figurine. See more from Comic Con 2013 by visiting our photo album on Facebook here.
Yamada Denki's LAB 1 Ikebukuro store where the 3D Systems printers will be offered first.
Big news in Japan, where the country’s largest discount consumer electronics retailer, Yamada Denki, announced last week that it will offer three 3D Systems 3D printer models beginning next month. When you think Yamada Denki, think of something on the order of Best Buy in the United States; the company boasts 700 stores in Japan. While they will begin selling 3D printers in Tokyo only, they plan to expand the offering across the whole country.
Under this agreement Yamada Denki will sell the Cube, Cube X and ProJet 3500. This actually marks the first time that the ProJet will be sold in a consumer environment. In addition, the company plans a number of events around the new offering, including experience 3D printing events and in-store modeling services. Check out the announcement here.
It’s exciting news and just the beginning for 3D printing in the consumer sphere.


So a 54-foot-tall duck floats into Hong Kong harbor…

That’s something to see. Sure, you could take a picture to remember it, but what if you could use 3D printing to capture the moment in new and exciting ways? What if you could create a whole new experience?
In June 3D Systems partnered with Toys “R” Us (Asia) to test 3D printing live in a retail environment in front of duck fans old and young at an event called the Bye-Bye Duck 3D Party. This was 3D printing in the wild. Three-hundred Toys “R” Us customers were selected to receive a commemorative 3D printed duck, which included a customized name plate that was printed right in front of them on one of 10 Cube 3D printers. The four-day event also featured 3D printing demonstrations and a host of 3D-printed products.

3D Systems Chief Strategy Officer Ping Fu was there as an organizer, and she shares some of her perspectives in a recent blog for Make: magazine.
By Kevin Atkins, Geomagic Freeform Product Manager
We’re in Anaheim this week at SIGGRAPH 2013, which goes through July 25th at the Anaheim Convention Center, and you should hear what people are saying when they get to sculpt virtual objects using Geomagic Touch haptic devices and Geomagic Freeform. Just to give you an idea, here are a few of my favorites:

-“Guys, this is genius.”
-“Oh my gosh. It’s crazy.”
-“I can actually sculpt from within the surface.”
-“I totally get it. This is so fun. Fantastic.”
-“I bet you could work so fast with this.”
-“The sensitivity is amazing. It’s so fluid.”
-“Dude, this is the coolest thing. It’s so rad.”
-“How do you never fail a shell? I’m jealous. Very jealous.”

But there were also plenty of questions. And the most important answer is: Yes, Freeform is available. It’s on the market. It’s not in a research phase. The software is mature, evolved and the 2014 version just came out.
A few other important questions/answers:

-Is this for sale? Absolutely. Check out or for more information. -When did Freeform come out? It’s been on the market for over a decade.
-Can you use Freeform without a Touch haptic device? No, the haptic device makes for a much fuller, more interactive modeling experience because you can actually interact and shape your model using your hands.
-Can you really never fail a shell? Yes, Freeform enables no-fail shelling.
There’s more to see, so if you’re at SIGGRAPH, come by the Studio space and give us a quote of your own.

By Tom Charron,
3D Systems Geomagic Solutions
We recently released the 2014 versions of 3D Systems’ professional engineering software products, and they continue to lead the market in 3D scanning, reverse engineering, design and inspection. These products enable engineers, designers, artists, manufacturers, archeologists and more, to simply create accurate and precise 3D data, then manufacture it and measure their products for quality.
3D Systems has brought together the pieces that enable our customers to design in ways never seen before.  Think about it: virtually all design software makes you start the design process from scratch.  That’s great, but sometimes there are other, better starting points for the design process.  For example, what about starting from the physical world?  Still in its infancy, the practice commonly known as “reverse engineering” is in fact a viable design workflow for lots of products.  That’s why 3D Systems offers the best 3D scan-based design software in the business: Geomagic Design X (the former Rapidform XOR) and Geomagic Design Direct (the former Geomagic Spark).
Another innovative starting point for design is virtual clay.  For centuries, sculptors have used real clay to create some of the most beautiful objects ever made by the hand of man.  Doesn’t it make sense to adapt this paradigm to the digital design world?  Powerful sculpting software creates new opportunities for creativity, especially in this new era of 3D printing, where objects of any complexity can be printed in almost no time. Geomagic Freeform makes virtual sculpting possible.  
The release of these new Geomagic Software solutions is an important milestone for several reasons. The most outwardly apparent of these is that this is the first time the products formerly known as Rapidform, Alibre and Sensable are all consistently named Geomagic. This isn’t just a simple rebranding exercise -- the new product names lay the groundwork for the future. It’s a future that has 3D product design at its core, and one that we know will amaze and delight our customers.  
The word “design” is front-and-center in many of our Geomagic product offerings. It’s the unifying theme for much of what we do, and you can expect to see many more innovative products from us that mash up these workflows and create new opportunities for innovative design. This release is our first as the new Geomagic Solutions group at 3D Systems, and it’s just the beginning.  We’ll be posting more specifics about what’s new in the 2014 releases and why they matter to you, so stay tuned!

You can find out more about Geomagic 2014 here.

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Kia Motors wanted to create a unique experience around their beautiful Cadenza car for the WIRED Cafe at Comic-Con this year. They asked us to 3D print a model of the Cadenza and commissioned contemporary artist Gregory Siff to custom paint each car live at the Cafe. Each model celebrates the premium quality and technologically advanced features of the Kia Cadenza. Check out Siff in action and the first two cars he did during Day 1 at Comic-Con!

see more at Cubify blog

Star Trek fans can now get another dose of transforming themselves into a Captain or a Commander.
Our popular 3D Me app now includes Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Start off the experience by choosing a body, a pose, a uniform and a rank, then upload your photo to make yourself the character of your dreams!

You can choose between poses armed with a phaser, a tricorder pose, or a basic pose. Make yourself wear blue, red or gold!

This whole new series for the fans gives anyone a chance to be icon they loved in The Next Generation series.

So whether you go old school with the original series or go to the 24th century adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise; everyone you meet will be impressed when they see your likeness on a Star Trek Figurine from Cubify!

Fans of the movie Predator are familiar with and fascinated by the grotesque potential of literally losing their heads to alien hoards. This week at San Diego’s Comic-Con, those fans were offered the opportunity to experience a better and safer alternative: keeping their bodies fully intact, while seeing what their own alien decapitation would look like with a 3D printed model.
To commemorate the re-release of the 1980s alien film in 3D this year, 3D Systems worked with Paramount Studios to help fans get excited with miniature 3D printed models of their heads and spinal cords held high in triumphant alien claws. 
3D Systems used a special 3D photo-booth to take eight simultaneous photos of diehard fans and curious passersby alike, and then convert these photos into an interactive 3D model that could be customized with unique hairstyle and hair colors before being 3D printed in full color.
Check out this CNET video below to see how it's all done.

And remember, the models aren’t only available at Comic-Con! For a 3D model of your very own, check out

It took a playoff, but in the end 19-year-old Jordan Spieth took the hardware at the John Deere Classic and became the youngest player to win on the PGA tour in over eight decades. But the “hardware” in this case isn’t just your run-of-the-mill trophy. The striking bronze sculpture is the work of master sculptor Malcolm DeMille, who uses 3D Systems’ Geomagic Freeform to design and produce everything from original trophies to a range of collectibles.
Malcolm DeMille with
some of his creations.
“In designing trophies for PGA Tour events it’s always important to find a way to highlight the company sponsor and present them in an appropriate way. John Deere Company is recognized as the premier supplier of golf course maintenance equipment worldwide. So, it was natural to incorporate the signature golf hole on their own course into a design that has their logo deer leaping across the fairway,” he says.
For this particular piece, Malcolm used Freeform to refine and resize hand-sculpted wax pieces that were scanned into Freeform. In fact, he still likes to sculpt by hand, especially when creating natural, realistic pieces. “I like the feel of clay and wax,” he says. “I can create quickly and more fluidly this way.” After hand sculpting he makes technical adjustments within Freeform; these adjustments enable him to make good working models and molds for reproduction.

You can catch more of Malcolm’s trophies at PGA events around the world, like the AT&T National, the Greenbrier Classic and the Wells Fargo Championship. Check out this video to see more about Malcolm’s methods, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for a full case study on Malcolm’s work.


Since we deal with it every day, we at 3D Systems are so close to the incredible potential of 3D printing. So it’s a nice reminder of just how amazing 3D printing and authoring technology actually are when we get to share them with someone—or even thousands of people—for the first time. It’s cool to make people say, “Wow!”


We got to share some of those Wow! moments when Raleigh’s NBC 17 featured 3D Systems and our chief strategy officer, Ping Fu, on a recent broadcast. For the story, Melanie Sanders visited our North Carolina office, where she was scanned and where we later 3D printed her a custom-designed souvenir bust.

If you missed it, click here to see the report.