• Uptown Diamond Uses Wax 3D Printing And Microcasting

    Uptown Diamond is able to simultaneously print as many as 50 unique wax designs that are ready for casting in 10 hours.

  • Uptown Diamond R2-D2 Wedding Ring

    Custom R2-D2 Wedding Ring

"We used to have to turn down fun and crazy requests, which was really frustrating. Now it’s not a problem. We never have to say no anymore."
—Alberto Chavez, Uptown Diamond Graphic Designer
  • A new take on an ancient craft with 3D printing

    For centuries Armenian jewelers have been known for their craftsmanship and expertise. Going back to the Ottoman Empire, the jewelers of Sultans were exclusively Armenian. They protected their knowledge closely, passing the secrets down to family members. As a result, the magic of beautiful jewelry has long remained an Armenian calling card.

    Along with this tradition of artistry, these jewelers have also maintained tried-and-true methods. But new technology, like 3D printing, is starting to make inroads as a way to complement the preferred techniques pioneered and perfected by generations of Armenian jewelers.

    VS Chakhoyan Jewelry purchased the first ProJet® MJP wax 3D printer in Armenia. The high capacity 3D printer creates amazing, precise casting patterns in wax material, so jewelers can increase their production volume and offer material performance that rivals traditional wax castings. 

  • 3D Printing Offers A New Tool For Imaginative Designs

    Learn how new technologies, like 3D printing, are starting to make inroads into the workflows of Armenian jewelers.

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  • Jewelry Casting Webinar

    Join 3D Systems’ Sam Green as he introduces two of the leading 3D printing technologies for both wax and resin jewelry casting and reviews the advantages and capabilities of each.

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