3D Systems Titanium Materials

Titanium Materials

  • Thales Metal Bracket LaserForm Titanium Gr. 5
    Available with On Demand Manufacturing

    LaserForm Ti Gr5 (A)

    High strength, low weight, excellent biocompatibility

  • 3D Systems DMP Metal LaserForm Ti Gr23 (A) titanium alloy

    LaserForm Ti Gr23 (A)

    High strength, low weight, excellent biocompatibility - lower Oxygen than Gr5

  • Medical Implant in LaserForm Ti Gr1 (A) titanium alloy

    LaserForm Ti Gr1 (A)

    Light weight, biocompatible, extreme temperature and corrosion resistance

Stainless Steel Materials

Stainless Steel Materials

  • 3D Systems Laserform 17-4PH Micro Reactor

    LaserForm 17-4PH (A)

    Excellent corrosion resistance, high strength with good toughness

  • 3D Systems DMP Stainless Steel LaserForm 17-4PH (B) under pulley gear

    LaserForm 17-4PH (B)

    General purpose metal, high strength, good corrosion resistance

  • 3D Systems DMP LaserForm 316L  (A) Impeller

    LaserForm 316L (A)

    Able to be sterilized and highly corrosion resistant.

Maraging Steel Materials

Maraging Steel Materials

  • 3d systems prox dmp 320 laserform maraging steel (a) tire mold

    LaserForm Maraging Steel (A)

    Excellent hardness and strength, good wear resistance.

  • 3D Systems DMP Metal LaserForm Maraging Steel (B) Conformal Cooling

    LaserForm Maraging Steel (B)

    Genuine tool steel (1.2709), high strength and hardness

Cobalt-Chrome Materials

Cobalt-Chrome Materials

  • 3D Systems Laserform CoCrF75 Fuel Nozzle

    LaserForm CoCrF75 (A)

    Highly corosion, wear and heat resistant. Biocompatible.

  • 3D Systems Cobalt Chrome Dental Teeth Platform

    LaserForm CoCr (B) and (C)

    Highly corrosion and wear resistant, suitable for biomedical

Aluminum Alloy Materials

Aluminum Alloy Materials

  • LaserForm AlSi10MG Heat Exchanger

    LaserForm AlSi10Mg (A)

    Good mechanical properties and good thermal conductivity

  • 3D Systems DMP LaserForm Ali12 (B) aluminium alloy AlSi12

    LaserForm AlSi12 (B)

    Metal powder for light weight parts with good thermal properties

Nickel Super Alloy Materials

Nickel Super Alloy Materials

  • 3D Systems Laserform Ni625 Nozzle

    LaserForm Ni625 (A)

    Excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and heat resistance

  • LaserForm Ni718 (A) DMP Combustion Chamber

    LaserForm Ni718 (A)

    Oxidation, corrosion and extremely high-temperature resistant