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The FabPro 1000 3D printer helps Artforge Studio deliver jewelry designs in a time- and cost-effective way. Artforge Studio is the workshop of an artisan based in the United Kingdom specializing in innovative and imaginative designs. With more than 30 years’ experience in fine jewelry, owner and founder Simon Walker is a goldsmith trained in classic jewelry-ma… Read more >
Vowsmith bases its "mass personalization" ring business on the advanced capabilities of 3D Systems ProJet MJP Series. Jewelry wasn’t the first thing on Charles-Olivier Roy’s mind when he decided to build a mass customization business around 3D printing. But he realized if he was going to set up what he calls a “mass personalization” business, he needed to provide a premium product, one that taps into a higher realm of emotion. “I knew nothing about jewelry, but I quickly understood it would … Read more >
"Our client cannot imagine the jewelry production process without the ProJet MJP CPX 3D printer. He's even looking for new ways to use 3D printing for his business and even thinking about adding more machines.” - Ashkhen Ovsepyan, SIU System For centuries Armenian jewelers have been known for their craftsmanship and expertise. You might even say that if there is a single trade that defines Armenia, it is jewelry. Going back to the Ottoman Empire, the jewelers of Sultans were exclusively Armeni… Read more >
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    Our extensive and versatile portfolio of 3D printing materials addresses the widest range of applications and performance characteristics in additive manufacturing, with plastic, elastomer, composite, wax, metal, bio-compatible and more material types.

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  • a screenshot of 3D System's Cimatron software


    Our engineering software enables the creation of 3D data from scans, design and using that data in manufacturing, 3D printing and 3D inspection of production parts.

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    Our jewelry casting guide for Figure 4 Jewelry provides best practices and tips for casting with Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 10.