Our Sustainability Commitment

"Our approach to sustainability is straightforward. It's about leadership and continued innovation. At 3D Systems we believe sustainability should be a way of doing business." -- Avi N. Reichental, President and CEO of 3D Systems

Sustainability components:

By its very nature 3D printing is a sustainable technology empowering 3D Systems printers to produce affordable products efficiently  – one layer at a time using only the necessary amount of material required for each part with near zero waste in an energy efficient process.

Our work and people: We value diversity, reward for performance and provide a safe and healthy work environment for all 3D Systems team members.

Our technology: By its very nature 3D printing and additive manufacturing create products, parts and assemblies one layer at a time using only the necessary amount of material required for each process with near zero waste in an energy efficient process. Our technologies replace traditional approaches which subtract materials, creating waste as products, parts, or assemblies are built.

Our continued focus on end-use parts and custom manufacturing for high value, low volume production further eliminates waste, expensive transportation and costly tooling required by traditional processes.

The ability to achieve better design outcomes through prototyping, reduced costs and resources with 3D printed tools, jigs and fixtures and to print 3D parts on-demand has had a dramatic impact in the reduction of energy, transportation and inventory costs. This does not include the financial and people resource reductions - which when considered, further reduce our carbon footprint and that of our customers.

As we democratize 3D printing for the consumer we do so with a complete consumer sustainability program to recycle cartridges and products for reuse. Lean more about our sustainability programs for consumers.


Innovation is one of our core competencies. Along with continued focus on new, better and greener products through technology and services, our goal is to prevent and manage waste with existing products.


Wherever possible materials used in our 3D printing processes are engineered for reduced waste. This includes our powders, resins and acrylates.
In the case of our ProJet® series of 3D printers the support material is an inert, environmentally friendly paraffin wax. The material delivery system is a fully closed cartridge which is designed to avoid waste and is safe for the office environment. Our ProJet 1000 and 1500 printers also have a cartridge system that manages the material delivery to avoid waste. And the empty cartridge can be recycled through 3D Systems.
The Cube® and CubeX™ cartridges of materials that are fully used in the process to avoid waste. The two most popular materials include one which can be shredded for recycling and the second is a biopolymer which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


All packaging used by 3D Systems is continually evaluated for recycling and reuse.

Clean air and water:

3D Systems strives to manage and eliminate the use of toxic materials throughout our supply chain. We also reuse equipment components wherever possible and recycle used printers and parts to reduce the environmental impact.

Sustainability, in other words is a goal without a finish line. We will continue to focus on our responsibilities using innovation and leadership to deliver on environmental performance across our global enterprise.

Lean more about our sustainability programs for consumers.