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Watch Now: Delivering Efficiencies in Certified 3D Printed Aerospace Parts

In the aerospace industry, the slightest design improvement can have a staggering impact on the efficiency of flight, which is why aerospace manufacturers dedicate tremendous time and talent to advanced engineering. Metro Aerospace has an ingenious microvane product design which delivers small 3D printed modifications to the exterior of cargo aircraft to reduce drag and improve fuel consumption by 4%.

About the Presenters:

  • Leslie Peter, CEO Metro Aerospace IMTS 2018Leslie Peters, President & CEO, Metro Aerospace

    As CEO of Metro Aerospace, Leslie Peters brings more than 30 years of executive leadership structuring and executing mission critical business strategies in global marketplaces. She combines operational excellence with sales leadership, for small and large organizations, developing controls to improve profitability and increase revenue while maintaining strong customer relationships. Peters’ career has centered on industries including automotive and aerospace, where she built strategic relationships with customers such as GE, UTC, Rolls-Royce, Lockheed Martin, Volkswagen, Daimler, and Ford Motor Co.

  • Bryan Newbrite, 3D Systems, IMTS 2018Bryan Newbrite, Advanced Aerospace Applications Leader, 3D Systems

    Bryan Newbrite is the Advanced Aerospace Applications Leader for 3D Systems where he is working to industrialize and implement disruptive manufacturing technologies into established aerospace supply chains. Prior to 3D Systems, Bryan brought his expertise to bear at GE, most recently in Dubai to support the GE EA fleet for Emirates Airlines. Bryan holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is based in San Diego, California.