• Effortlessly Scale from Prototypes to Production with the Figure 4® Modular 3D Printer.

  • Digital Production is Here

    Breakthrough production material with thermoplastic-like mechanical properties for Figure 4 solutions brings a new level of speed, accuracy, strength and durability previously only associated with injection molding output. Get precision plastic parts in hours, without the time and cost of tooling.

  • Bryan Newbrite, Aerospace Engineer with 3D Systems, shares his prototyping expertise.

  • Let’s Put Your Prototypes to Work

    Great products are born of great designs. Our experts have mastered the art of fast, accurate, and economical product design through rapid prototyping. Watch this video to discover how we can help you bolster your process with our expertise.

  • Discover the right additive material to accelerate your application with our Materials Buyer's Guide.

  • Find the Right Material to Speed Product Design and Production

    We’ve made it easier to navigate the world of plastic 3D printing materials. Use our materials guide to learn what plastic printing materials are available, and find out which ones will work for your next project.

  • Two mold shops explain how Cimatron helps them deliver high-quality molds fast.

  • Get a Competitive Edge on Mold Design

    Nothing beats having the right tool for the job. Did you know there is a CAD/CAM software with integrated toolsets specific to mold design and manufacturing? Discover how Cimatron® software can bring you into the digital factory with streamlined delivery of high-quality, custom plastic injection molds.

“We see the unparalleled potential of combining 3D Systems’ expertise and know-how with that of TMG to create technologies and define new additive manufacturing innovations in the automotive industry."
—Andreas Schambach, project general manager future production technology, TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH.
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