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Metal AM can introduce new efficiencies to business critical parts and transform functionality, manufacturing flexibility, or both. Yet identifying an optimal application and designing the part with the  entire  metal AM workflow in mind can be challenging – especially to a company that is exploring metal AM for the first time.

The experts at 3D Systems’ Customer Innovation Centers (CICs) are hosting a series of live webinars to address popular topics for new users and lower the friction of exploring AM for your business.

Join 3D Systems’ team lead for aerospace application development, Koen Huybrechts, for the first episode, Metal AM Applications: Form Follows Function, Cooperation Cuts Cost.

Key topics will include:

  • When and how  to go from a functional concept to a geometrical design
  • How CIC experts impact the project development of our customers
  • Why you should consider the full Metal AM workflow, including post-processing and quality steps

Watch the webinar now.

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