Automotive manufacturers need to accelerate innovation to advance mobility. Innovation without productivity is unrealistic for most manufacturers, while productivity without innovation can lead to low margins and economic pressures to evolve. By incorporating additive manufacturing technology into their product development and production strategies, automotive manufacturers can combine high-value transformative applications that advance the science of AM with high levels of productivity, giving them the ability to produce innovative parts and products while maintaining higher margins. Automotive AM leaders will discuss:

  • AM application areas within a vehicle
  • Improving component functionality and consolidating parts with new materials and process capabilities
  • Increasing productivity of model production

Examples shared will include a textured front bumper, tooling, and fluid flow/energy management systems. These applications will demonstrate how AM can:

  • Reduce weight/inertia of the drive shaft by 50%
  • Achieve 10x acceleration of product development projects
  • Cut costs by 58% for development of critical systems

About our Experts


Patrick Dunne
VP, Advanced Application Engineer
3D Systems

Patrick Dunne is vice president, advanced application development at 3D Systems, and leads the Application Development Lab in Berkeley, CA, as part of the broader Application Innovation Group. Patrick has extensive experience in expanding the use of 3D printing to a wide range of markets, including dental, medical, automotive, and aerospace. In recent years his focus has been on originating, developing, and scaling mass complex manufacturing workflows in collaboration with teams ranging from Lucid Motors to SpaceX.


Niels Holmstock
Manager, Application Development, AIG
3D Systems

Niels Holmstock is an application development manager in 3D Systems’ Application Innovation Group. He uses his deep industry expertise to help customers address unique application challenges with metal additive manufacturing, and accelerate the adoption of metal AM to go beyond prototyping to production parts.


Scott Cost
Segment Manager, Transportation & Motorsports
3D Systems

Scott Cost is a Solutions Manager leader for the transportation and motorsports segment at 3D Systems. He has been with 3D Systems since 2015 and held product management roles focused on developing printer and materials to meet market needs before fully focusing on developing applications for the consumer automotive and motorsports market. Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bucknell and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Elmira College.