The Industry-Leading 3D Inspection Software Combines New Probing Tools, Integrated CAD Data Import and Airfoil Analysis

MORRISVILLE, N.C., Nov 8, 2011– Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, today released Geomagic Qualify 2012, the latest version of its industry-leading 3D inspection and metrology software with new and enhanced features.

Geomagic Qualify 2012 utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver user-friendly 3D inspection software with precision, speed and comprehensive reporting on the quality of as-built parts for first-article and production inspection, as well as supplier management. New and optimized commands enable faster measurement capabilities. The innovative software analyzes measurements from a physical object and instantly draws comparison to a digital model, which now includes support for both probe and scanner measurement workflows and multiple devices. NIST and PTB certified precision illuminates the accuracy inherent in these tools, which now include airfoil analysis, at no additional cost.

With access to robust capabilities, manufacturers have the means to rapidly increase product and manufacturing quality, as well as identify process weakness and thereby increase productivity. Additionally, comprehensive probing and scanning mechanisms provide a combination of metrology and rapid product inspection to create an efficient production environment.

Geomagic Qualify 2012 includes built-in CAD data importers to include native formats of CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) at no additional charge. Integrated CAD importers provide reference data to the inspection and measurement process to quickly assess deviations and eliminate reoccurrence for a cost effective end result.

The airfoil analysis module is also included at no additional charge in Geomagic Qualify 2012. This enables comprehensive, automated and accurate analysis of turbine blade alignment within the software as a standard.

Key Features of Geomagic Qualify 2012

  • New built-in Importers for native CAD formats from CATIA, NX, Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/ENGINEER), and SolidWorks at no additional charge.
  • Improved performance in terms of both speed and data capacity via better use of multithreading and improved memory management.
  • Direct import of features and GD&T in CAD models supporting Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) workflows and Model Based Definition (MBD) workflows.
  • Greatly upgraded support for probing workflows, including: New iterative alignment for quick and accurate alignment to CAD; Real-Time Deviation for fixturing and quick checks of out-of-tolerance conditions; New feature types for single point circles and minimum and maximum points; Quick Probe for intelligent creation of probed features based on CAD definition; Probe sections for creating curve profiles using probe capture and section planes; Measurement gallery for fast, simple feature-to-feature measurements.
  • Specialized tools for inspecting turbine blades, rotors, stators and similar components built-in at no additional charge.
  • Expanded support for major portable CMMs and scanner types including FARO, Creaform, Hexagon, Nikon and other major hardware manufacturers
  • Improved user interface, functional data handling and performance enhancements over version 12.
  • Upgrade path from Geomagic Qualify Probe 2012.
  • Robust scripting environment extends, customizes and automates functions with deep access into selected commands in the software.

Partners of Geomagic are already exploring and exploiting the powerful new Python scripting environment of Geomagic Qualify 2012 in order to tailor solutions to customers’ domains.

"The ability to develop custom scripts within the Geomagic Qualify 2012 product has given Level 3 Inspection the ability to create completely automated workflows for complex part inspection within the Smart Inspection System product line," said Scott McAfee, COO of Level 3 Inspection. “The SiS, powered by Level 3 Inspection and Geomagic Qualify 2012, represents a breakthrough in automated Computer Aided Inspection. Using the power of Geomagic Qualify 2012 we can go beyond the typical workflow for automated scanning that ends at a point cloud or STL file and actually disposition parts within a completely automated environment. Geomagic Qualify 2012 is the perfect match for our SiS configurable CAI product line, it gives us the ability to provide our customers with more than just data, we can provide an answer."

You can read more about the SiS from Level 3 Inspection at:


Geomagic Qualify is also available as a bundle with the Geomagic Studio software for reverse engineering. Purchasing both products at the same time results in significant cost-savings and is a popular choice for many customers worldwide.


Free trials of all the Geomagic 2012 products are available at the Geomagic web site.

About Geomagic

Geomagic ( is a global company dedicated to advancing and applying 3D technology for the benefit of humanity. Geomagic’s scanning and design software solutions are used to capture and model 3D content from physical objects, organically sculpt complex shapes, and prepare products for manufacturing. In addition, the company produces powerful 3D metrology and inspection software that verifies dimensional quality by comparing as-built products to master designs. Geomagic’s Sensable Phantom haptic devices simulate the sense of touch in a digital environment. 

Geomagic’s software and hardware are utilized by world-class customers in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer products, toys, collectibles, coindesign, jewelry, fine art, heritage restoration, research, education, mold making, entertainment, training and surgical simulation. In fact, some of the world’s leading companies and research organizationsuse Geomagic software, including Ford, BMW,Boeing, Harley DavidsonTimberland, Mattel/Fisher Price, Lego, Pratt & WhitneyNASA, Schneider Electronic, 3M, Danaher and Invisalign. Geomagic is based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., USA, with an office in Boston, subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, and channel partners worldwide.


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