Sunnyvale, CA - Oct 25, 2007, Rapidform, Inc., the exclusive licensor of Rapidform® 3D scanning software in the Americas, today reported the addition of several prominent sales partners over the past twelve months. The company attributes the growth in its partner program to rising demand for Rapidform software.

Tom Charron, COO of Rapidform, Inc., stated that several leading 3D scanner manufacturers and value-added resellers have begun offering Rapidform products to their customers. Charron said, "Rapidform is now offered by virtually every major 3D scanner vendor in North America." He continued, "It has really been a case of success fueling success. As demand increased, partners joined our program. In turn, the increasing number of quality sales partners has yielded further growth in Rapidform sales."

ModernTech Mechanical (, a leading SolidWorks® value-added reseller that covers the Southeastern United States, echoes Charron's statement. Jon Carlton, vice president, says, "Since the introduction of XOR with its parametric modeling tools and direct SolidWorks interface, demand for Rapidform has really grown. In order to meet the needs of our customers and to give them a powerful reverse engineering tool for CAD design, we added Rapidform to our product line."  Rapidform's sales partner program includes independent resellers, such as ModernTech Mechanical, and 3D scanner manufacturers. Through these companies, Rapidform software is available as a standalone application, a bundled program with a variety of 3D scanners, or a fully integrated solution. Creaform, Inc. (, the creators and manufacturers of the revolutionary Handyscan 3D™ line of truly portable laser scanners, bundles Rapidform with its REVscan™ and EXAscan™ handheld devices. "We maintain a strong relationship with Rapidform, Inc. since both platforms, hardware and software respectively, combine seamlessly to offer our customers a powerful CAD/CAM/CAE bundled solution," states Oscar Meza, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. Rapidform includes a direct plug-in for Handyscan 3D scanners, which offers scanner control within the Rapidform software. NextEngine Inc. (, a high volume 3D Scanner manufacturer, has an exclusive partnership with Rapidform to offer RapidWorks™ and ScanStudio™ software. "Rapidform stands out among 3D software vendors," comments Mark Knighton, CEO of NextEngine. "We looked at several partner candidates. While there's a handful of very skilled vendors with excellent point and geometry processing, Rapidform is in a class by itself. What sets them apart is they're the only system that combines point processing with parametric solid modeling."

Knighton concludes, "Our installed base of 3D scanner users is the largest in the world, so NextEngine needed a reliable partner with the most advanced technology. Rapidform's got it and backs it with a great organization. The combination is awesome, and our users love it."

For reseller information by region, visit and click on the "How to Buy" link.   Rapidform, Inc. is the exclusive licensor of INUS Technology's Rapidform product line for the Western Hemisphere. Established in 2002 as the U.S. operations of INUS Technology, Rapidform, Inc. was incorporated as an independent business entity in 2005. Led by INUS founder, Simon (Seockhoon) Bae, the company is responsible for sales, support and service of the rapidly growing Rapidform customer base. The Rapidform product suite is the most modern and innovative data processing, metrology and modeling platform for 3D scan data. Rapidform, Inc.'s partners include industry leading companies such as NextEngine, Konica Minolta, Creaform and other 3D scanner vendors. U.S. customers include innovators such as Ford, Oakley, Honeywell, NASA, Disney and Alcoa.

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About INUS Technology Inc. INUS Technology helps companies unlock the power of 3D scanning.  The company's software solutions are the most widely installed products for reverse engineering, 3D imaging and inspection using 3D scan data around the globe.  Rapidform makes 3D scanning an extremely powerful tool for a variety of applications and is used in fields such as manufacturing, R&D, quality inspection, medical research and civil engineering.  Leading companies including Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Panasonic, Oakley, Samsung, Sony, Alcoa, and Benteler use Rapidform's advanced technology to innovate throughout their research, design, manufacturing and quality control processes.  For more information, please visit