BURLINGTON, Mass., USA - Designers, engineers and architects can explore the full range of options for 3D printing and rapid prototyping technologies at in-person, interactive seminars that Z Corporation dealers will offer this fall around the globe.

The "How to Choose the Right Prototyping System" seminars will include live product demonstrations, reviews of applications, analyses of costs, displays of prototypes you can produce with each technology, methods for making smart device choices, interactive Q&As, and a contest drawing for a Flip camcorder.

"3D printing and rapid prototyping capabilities are helping professionals across every industry more quickly and cost-effectively bring higher-quality designs to market," said Kevin Lach, Z Corporation vice president of marketing. "There are device options for every organization and application. In these seminars, we'll give you the information you need to make the choice that benefits your organization the most."

Using 3D printing, designers, engineers and architects can investigate multiple design concepts earlier in the development process. They can perform critical form, fit and function verification by rapidly prototyping plastic parts at a fraction of the cost of injection molding.

The seminars take place in October and November. To find seminars near you, please visit: http://www.zcorp.com/Events/How to Choose the Right RP System Seminars/spage.aspx

The seminars will highlight:

  • ZPrinter® 3D printers, which quickly and affordably turn product and building designs into physical color models, streamlining design from idea through mid-stage evaluation.
  • ZBuilder® Ultra rapid prototyping machines, which create highly detailed plastic prototypes for engineering design verification, enabling late-stage testing of form, fit and function.?

Z Corporation is the industry's only source for both inkjet and plastic prototyping solutions, as well as ultra-portable 3D scanners.

About Z Corporation

Z Corporation 3D technologies help product designers, engineers and architects create the right designs the first time. Professionals use ZPrinter 3D printers, ZBuilder rapid prototyping machines and ZScanner® 3D laser scanners to compress the design cycle, generate new concepts, communicate clearly, foster collaboration, and reduce errors. These solutions span the entire 3D CAD/BIM design process from concept through design verification.

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