• How to select the best technology and material for your application

    3D printing allows engineers to produce jigs and fixtures with boundless complexity to support complex shapes and parts with fine details. Discover how 3D printing builds better jigs and fixtures and the technology and material considerations to take into account with AM by downloading the 3D Printing Jigs and Fixtures application brief.

The value of 3D printing in jig & fixture applications

  • Speed of Delivery

    Speed means more than a faster time to part, or faster time to more parts. Speed also means faster time to insights. The ability to efficiently and effectively evaluate your jig and fixture designs cuts valuable weeks from production timelines to get products to market sooner.

  • Cost of Production

    3D printing delivers true-to-CAD parts directly from the design file, without wasting materials or time for reduced production expenses. When machining is required for final jigs or fixtures, 3D printing can accelerate design iterations and ensure a sound investment in the final design.

  • Performance Improvements

    The additive manufacturing process enables the production of complex shapes that would otherwise be impossible or cost-prohibitive for jigs or fixtures. To take full advantage of 3D printing, set goals around part performance and design to reach those goals.

  • Complex & Curved Surfaces

    3D printing jigs and fixtures enables the production parts that are beyond the scope of machining to deliver a host of benefits, from light-weighting to customization for the application or user, to complex, finely-featured details.

3D Systems 3D Printers and Materials for Jig & Fixture Applications

  • Interested in the jig and fixture applications 3D printing can support? Download our eBook to learn more, including:

    • Production time and cost savings
    • Types of jigs and fixtures supported
    • Design best practices

Customer Application Stories

  • Parts Ready in Hours vs. Weeks with 3D Printing

    “The car is evolving daily during the racing season. We require new components at every track and the benefits of additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly relevant.”

    – Patrick Warner, Advanced Digital Manufacturing Manager, Renault Sport Formula One Team

  • SLS 3D Printing Reduces Time & Cost for Welding Fixtures

    “3D Systems’ SLS technology is a time-tested, true production additive manufacturing solution.” 

    - Terry Hill, Founder & CEO of Rapid Application Group

  • 3D Printing Jigs Enables Better Parts, Faster

    “The ProJet MJP has an extraordinarily high level of precision, which is extremely important when piecing together small watch assemblies.”

    – Mr. Naito, Product Development, Citizen Watch