3D Systems is proud to introduce high-throughput 3D printing technologies, a new partnership to provide industry-leading post-processing, improved additive manufacturing software, and a new production-grade photopolymer. By combining these latest innovations along with the expertise of its Application Innovation Group (AIG), 3D Systems is helping customers defy limitations to advance additive manufacturing (AM) performance and productivity in healthcare and industrial markets.

Have a look at our new innovations along with unique advancements in additive manufacturing, demonstrating how we enable customer success in automotive and motorsports, semiconductor capital equipment, aerospace, medical device manufacturing, dental, bioprinting, and many more where expert consulting and tailored solutions for the most challenging applications are required. 

  • DMP Factory 350 and DMP Factory 350 Dual

    The DMP 350 has an integrated powder management system with high-performance sieving and significantly limited operator exposure to powder.  The O2-free atmosphere of the powder workflow (consistently below 25ppm) guarantees highest part quality as well as maximum powder usage.

  • Production-Grade SLS Workflow Solution: SLS 380

    The SLS 380 is a high throughput SLS additive manufacturing solution with unprecedented levels of throughput, consistency, performance, and yield. Optimized for those who want to take the next step in integrating additive manufacturing into their factory-floor ecosystem, 3D Systems’ SLS 380 and its complementary software, material handling, and post-processing solutions answer the demand for cost-effective batch production parts. 

  • 3DXpert - the 3D Additive Manufacturing Software

    3DXpert 17 offers major benefits and more values to AM Designers and Manufacturers across their entire process. From design for AM and optimization through build prep, simulation and slicing. This new version helps ensure that our customers are proficient and productive than ever, in a growing competitive marketplace.

  • Figure 4 Rigid 140C Black

    Figure 4® Rigid 140C Black delivers on the promise of additive manufacturing with true functional durability in plastic parts. A two-part epoxy/acrylate hybrid material, Figure 4 Rigid 140C Black production-grade parts feature long-term mechanical stability in various environments. 

  • Professional & Precise Metal 3D Printer: DMP Flex 200

    With a larger build volume and 500W laser source, this metal 3D printer leads to reduced cost per part and faster delivery times. Its ability to print with less supports with visibly better surface finish, results in less post-processing and less material usage. 

  • DMP Flex 350 and DMP Flex 350 Dual

    DMP Flex 350 is designed for flexible application use for R&D projects, application development or serial production. Yet it is easily scalable for volume part production. Quick-swap build modules and fast powder recycling speed up production. Manufacturers of spinal implants benefit from high repeatability and 24/7 production of this printer.

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