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For consumer tech applications, prototypes are critical to ensure products not only function as intended, but are comfortable for the end-user. But the prototype stage can also cause headaches — pushing product development timelines and burning through budgets.

3D printing solutions provide extensive opportunities to help wearable technology manufacturers innovate faster and further.

Imagine this: You 3D print a fully functional prototype ready for consumer try-ons within hours. Need changes? You get rapid design iteration and evaluation of the most complex components and even end-use parts, such as custom wearables tailored to specific users, with advanced mechanical, thermal, elastomeric, chemical resistance and biocompatible properties.

Plastic 3D printing materials are now available in a wide array of biocompatible engineering polymers and elastomers to deliver suitable parts for a vast range of wearable components applications, including in terms of:

  • Flexibility and durability
  • Stiffness and toughness
  • Stability
  • Clarity and look and feel
  • Temperature and water resistance

Interested in exploring our solutions? Download the biocompatible 3D printing plastics buyer’s guide for wearable consumer tech.