An update on the sPro SLS Center from Thomas Pang, a Sintering expert with a long job title and many college degrees:
"Existing users are highly impressed with the upgrades, especially the TruTemp (thermal system), and very impressed with the formerly 70-watt laser boosted to 200 watts to achieve the doubling of build speed. Many people did not believe that we have doubled build speed with the new sPro, so we are taking the challenge and running estimation for anyone willing to check a build packet."


DuraForm PP 100 update:
"Many people have never seen real polypropylene in SLS. Positioning vs. (DuraForm) EX has been asked, and I have shown the lower rigidity (softer, but good for general prototyping), greatly increased elongation, and stress-whitening that is a characteristic of PP, and the anticipated stability in mechanical properties and color over time. Several end-use applications of the material have been suggested, and potential new applications for consumer and automotive use may evolve from this new material. After seeing 3D System’s capability for new powder development, several customers have expressed optimism for other innovative Sintering plastics for the future."

And when there's time:
"Excellent sandwiches and drinks are brought right into the booth so that we can maximize our interaction time with customers."